Canine Hotel

More than 13 years in caring for our doggies friend, we know what is best and what not to do for their comfort and enjoyment.


With the experience and in line with our motto "Love & Care", our focus are on the following points.



Small Dog < 12kg

Medium Dog > 12kg < 18kg

Large Dog > 18kg

Very Important Dog (Any Size)

Clean and Sterilize Cottage

Cleanliness and sterilize environment for our doggie friends are our first priority. 

Daily cleaning of room will satisfy our dog’s aesthetic need.

Our cottage area is fitted with a sterilizer to ensure the spread of germs and diseases are minimized. 

The cottage area is equipped with insects repellent to safeguard your pet dog from any harmful disease that 
are carried and caused by insects. (e.g. fleas and ticks)

Comfort in Mind

At Puppy Cottage, our dog-only cottage is designed to provide entertainment, comfort and privacy in their respective room during the night for a calm and quiet environment that are needed for a good rest after a day of playing. 

Our different type of cottage rooms are temperature-controlled and well ventilated. 

It's a Playground for Dogs

Fun and enjoyment are the words that we used to describe the boarding experience at our cottage. Plenty of 
playing time with our other guests sure to release plenty of your dogs energy. After a high energy of playing time, treat time follow after it to replenish energy. 


What do you think about our commitment? Now let's make your loved one next holiday a blissful one at Puppy Cottage and enjoy your time away knowing that your precious doggie is in good hands.